Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Prague Impression - Day 1


Everyone has their favorite travel destinations.. mine is Europe. I love Europe for its beauty, history, culture, architecture, food, and people. So when I had a chance to go away for a week, I picked Europe. I knew I wanted to go visit a place I have never seen before.. my friends suggested Prague.. My social network suggested Prague.. My parents suggested Prague... and they are all correct. Prague is beautiful, spectacular, and magical.

Like true tourists, we hopped on a tour bus for a city overview on our first day.. and we were overwhelmed by what we saw.. Normally I write one blog entry for a trip.. I have to break my trip into different days.. because there are just that much to say about Prague.

We started from the spectacular old town center.. By the way, you are going to see I use "spectacular" a lot.. because everything is spectacular.

Prague 1
There are many ways to see this beautiful city.. here just a few examples.. they all pretty cool. We preferred the old fashion way.. walking. We walked, walked, and walked.

Like many old Europe cities, there is a river going around the city, and there are 17 bridges..

There are no English signs at most places.. street, stores, buses, restaurants ... and many people don't speak English. You just have to be really good with maps.

Don't worry about which restaurant to go.. they all very good and all have a great view of something..

Major landmarks can be seen everywhere.. so it is not easy to get lost here.

A lot people get married the week we were there.. and after the wedding, they walked to their next destination.. in their wedding dress. We saw them on the street, subway, or castles.

I don't think I saw a single building that is not over 100 old.. and they all very beautiful.

Crystal..they are beautiful and they are expensive.. very expensive. I have never seen so many products made from crystal. No, I didn't buy anything because I am too cheap. Actually I knew my kids will break it the second they see it.

The city is full of music.. there are concerts every evening at theaters, street, or a church.

And, we discovered the gelato. They are the best here.

How about eating dinner in a cave. I got spooked walking in, but the warm welcome and cold Czech beer calmed me.. The meal was very hearty.. reminds me of German food.

Almost forgot, the street artists. They add another flavor to the city.

All I could say after the first was.. "WOW"