Saturday, March 7, 2009

You See Her Through Her Eyes

Don't you just want to ask her "What's on your mind, baby?"

Last week at the photography class, I showed few of my favorite Allison pictures, someone asked me if they could borrow Allison for a studio assignment. They love her eyes. I said no because she is so shy, and she probably wouldn't like it.

Allison is really funny. Very often we are at store shopping, she will be singing, really loud like she is the only person there. As soon as she notices someone looking at her, she becomes quiet. Then she will ask me "Mommy, people are looking at me?" Well, baby, that's because you are singing and happy. People just jealous. I wish I can do that and people still think I am cute." "Sing, Mommy, Sing." She always tells me. I wish I could.

This is a typical Allison look when someone is looking. She becomes this really serious little girl, opposite to her sister. Kelly's face lights up when someone talks to her. That's really not a good thing sometimes. So, we are teaching her "not talking to strangers." We don't have to worry about Allison in that area.

She is most comfortable when just mommy and her. I often got great pictures. Last week my BIL reminded me kids are growing up fast and they will not like their pictures taken when they are older. So, today, I purchased my very first professional portrait lens so I can improve the image sharpness.

What I like most about Allison pictures also are her eyes. She has the most expressive eyes. Kelly, on the other hand, is a whole package. You can see her personality and energy through her body language. Kelly is always on the move. Allison, you see everything through these beautiful eyes.

Then, again, don't try to get her mad. She is not a wimpy kid like her teacher always tells me whenever I ask them to pay more attention to Allison, "Allison can take care herself."

Sometime, I wonder what does she see with these eyes. Don't you want to know?