Friday, February 6, 2009

My First Success At The Skating Rink ..

Well, only sort of. We are being asked to take pictures for the class, and I choose to do the most difficult one. At the skating rink. Hey, what the worst can happen? I got some bad pictures to show other people. But, that's how you learn.

It was challenge, really challenging. I had a tripod. I set the aperture, but shutter speed turned out too slow so I can freeze the moment. When I set the shutter right, I couldn't get the aperture the way I wanted, the picture turned out too dark. Anyway, I took about 200 pictures, only 10 looks OK. I have to talk to my teacher next week.

This one was processed through Photoshop. Somehow doesn't look nature.

Even when she is not moving. The light doesn't look right either. Well, lots to learn.

I do like this one. I probably could Photoshop it to make it better, but right now, I am just to get the light right. Once I learned all the tricks between ISO, aperture, and shutter speed, I will take them to Photoshop. Good thing is skating season is 10 weeks so I have many chance to practice.